2016 Marketing Experience event

Ingram Micro’s 2016 Marketing Experience event was held on October 8, 2015 at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center in Cerritos, CA, an annual event where Ingram Micro associates and manufacturer partners gather together to highlight 2015 marketing successes and discuss 2016 plans.

Ingram Micro presented several distinguished awards to our top manufacturer partners who continue to demonstrate marketing excellence. Congratulations to all the award winners!

Manufacturer Awards for 2015

Cloud Award – Microsoft

Throughout this year, Microsoft has continued to grow as a valued business partner serving a wide range of partners by aligning the vision for Microsoft technology and services with future industry needs.  Together, with Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace, we are creating a solution and services that help partners achieve their long-term corporate vision and business goals.

Data Center Software Award – VMWare

VMware is once again the winner of the marketing award for the Data Center Software division.  They continue to be outstanding, collaborative business partners……pushing both themselves and Ingram Micro to be innovative and best in class.

Security Award – Sophos

Our IT Security award winner honors a market leader delivering accelerated year over year growth.  This is a newer vendor partner to Ingram that has been quick to engage and capitalize on our services across so many facets of the business including marketing, training, and professional services.  Our joint sales engagement efforts have resulted in newly recruited partners, accelerated growth rates, and a profitable partnership.

Document Imaging Award – Lexmark

We nominate Lexmark for consideration of the DI Division Award in acknowledgement of their loyalty and increased engagement.  Lexmark has strengthened their partnership with Ingram significantly over the past year through increased investment in marketing, incredible strides in revenue growth and profitability.  We look forward to further development of this partnership.

Networking Award – F5

Our networking award winner has grown to become one of our top revenue partners in the US.   Our collaborative planning and sales engagement in the field stands out as best in class as we work to drive new end user business together.  Mutual investments in the business continue to drive our success, and we are thrilled to congratulate F5 Networks as our networking vendor of the year.

UCC Award – ShoreTel 

Exemplifying a two way partnership with Ingram Micro that has focused on reseller partner recruitment and enablement, ShoreTel has experienced double digit growth for 3 years straight! As a core UCC manufacturer for Ingram Micro, and a strategic vendor partner, ShoreTel’s onsite, hosted cloud and hybrid solutions through their “Connect” platform offers a variety of collaboration options our resellers appreciate.

Data Center Infrastructure Award – HP EG

With the excitement around an upcoming company split, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has increased their Data Center go to market strategy with notable advances in Converged Systems, the acquisition of Aruba, and an expansion of their leading storage platform 3PAR.  HPE continues to grow their investments into Ingram across a wide gamut of initiatives (surpassing $5M this year), including competitive takeout, Infrastructure, Solution Center resources and brand awareness.

Physical Security Award – Bosch Security Systems

We’d like to recognize Bosch Security Systems for their commitment to a true partnership. Bosch continually works with our team at Ingram Micro to develop go-to-market strategies geared towards helping reseller partners grow. As part of their continued dedication to our partnership, Bosch has increased their marketing investment by 14% and sales by 158% YOY, contributing to the overall growth of the Physical Security business at Ingram Micro.

Components Award – Seagate Technology

Seagate Technology has shown to be a valued partner with Ingram Micro. The Seagate brand grows stronger in breadth and influence and continues to collaborate with Ingram in many high level Marketing programs. Through this partnership we have seen  41% revenue growth and an increase in customer breadth. Seagate considers Ingram a valued channel partner that is key to their future global expansion.

IMCTS Consumer Award – Casio

From the onset of the strategic partnership between Ingram Micro and Casio, they have continually reinvested into the business providing the opportunity for innovation and growth.  Each year we have shared high double digit growth due to Casio’s ongoing innovation and continued expansion of their marketing and business development support.  Casio’s investment in Ingram marketing programs is up over 50% this year and sales are up over 80%.

Commercial Systems Award – HP PSG

HP PSG has invested significantly with Ingram Micro to help enable and grow business through our partners.  The dedicated HP PSG team at Ingram is the largest and best in the industry and PSG has committed additional infrastructure support to help grow our sales as we move into 2016 as the new HP.

Mobility Award – Otter Products

Otter Products (OtterBox & LifeProof) is the industry leader in device protection with over 60% market share.  Ingram Micro sales have increased over 300% YoY and we have added over 250 net new customers in 2015. Otter Products has named IM their only distributor servicing both B2B and retail channels.

Emerging Vendor Award – Nimble

Nimble Storage was launched at Ingram Micro in June 2014. By collaborating with Ingram, over 200 Authorized partners were recruited resulting in over $19M by year end.  Nimble continues to realize double digit growth quarter over quarter in 2015. Together we’ve enabled our mutual partners and field teams to accelerate market adoption of Nimble Storage in the commercial, enterprise, and Public Sector market segments.

Data Capture/POS Award – Honeywell

Honeywell has been a great partner for over six years now. Today, Honeywell has an expanding team of market development reps and a dedicated marketing manager for Ingram. Our continued growth together has been a direct result of close collaboration and a trust in both teams abilities to drive results, which continues to strengthen our partnership year after year.

Emerging Vendor Award – Tenable

Tenable Network Security is a market leading manufacturer that has truly embraced their partnership with Ingram Micro.  New to distribution in 2014, we have worked together to deliver operational excellence, aligned our go to market efforts, strengthened our executive relationships, and worked together to recruit and enable new partners in driving the growth of the business.

Collaboration Award – HP IPG

HP IPG has consistently supported strategic marketing recommendations and initiatives from Ingram Micro and has realized success in campaigns like President’s Club, Document Imaging, Platform, and Business Intelligence.  HP IPG has also partnered with the Integrated Marketing team to launch a social media plan as well as a targeted printer refresh campaign.  The mutual success is evident in growing sales year over year.

Pro AV Award – NEC

NEC has shown solid growth YTD within the Pro AV space. They are a strong supporter of Ingram and a President’s Club vendor. One way this partnership is reflected is in the roll-out of our campus digital signage in the Buffalo office as well as at our new Irvine office. NEC continues to bring new, innovative ideas to the table that we have successfully taken to market. We look forward to continued success and congratulate NEC for the Pro AV 2016 Vendor Award!

SMB Award – Dell

When it comes to recognizing an outstanding partner growth, strong leadership, teamwork, strategic planning and execution all are important factors to consider.  Dell has delivered beautifully on all fronts. On behalf of the entire SMB Machine we would all like to express our gratitude and look forward to this partnership growing!  Thank you and congratulations!

Emerging Vendor (Specialty) Award – APG

In 2013, APG partnered with Ingram. Since then, Ingram has grown to become APG’s largest distribution partner and we are expanding globally. APG now invests in a market development resource and platinum campaigns to drive brand awareness. Through close collaboration, teamwork, and having a remarkable channel account manager (Ann Klein), we are looking forward to continued success.

Sales Engagement Award – Lenovo

Lenovo understands the importance of sales engagement.   All facets of the Lenovo sales engine; the executive team, field representatives, inside sales support, and our account sales team, execute a high-caliber sales strategy that fosters positive results.  The Sales Engagement Award is well deserved recognition for their approach to the reseller channel.

MVP Award – Cisco

Cisco has continued to push the envelope with diverse activities in 2015.  AIM was selected the primary agency for their services summit and created an internal branding campaign.  Cisco continues to invest and find value in unique Ingram offerings to drive Cisco hardware growth and support lead generation and product refresh initiatives.

AIM Award – Dell

AIM recognizes Dell for its diligent efforts to bring real value to the channel. From partnering with AIM to build a strong channel brand campaign, to committing to focused and relevant objectives, to inviting AIM execs to its global marketing leadership summit, Dell was the consummate marketing partner in 2015.

Sampling of Award Winner Photos:


UCC Award – ShoreTel


Sales Engagement Award- Lenovo


MVP Award – Cisco


Event Recap: Vantage New York


The Vantage Denver event on September 2, 2015 brought over 100 local New York solution providers, Ingram Micro associates, and Manufacturer representative attendees to the Westin New York Times Square.

With the theme of “Improve Your Vantage Point – How to Prepare for the NEW IT”, attendees received a better understanding of how to leverage the many offerings of Ingram Micro and manufacturer partners.

One of the main highlights of the event was Keynote Address by Kevin Poulsen. Kevin Poulsen is a contributing editor at WIRED, and author of Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground

Many thanks to our 37 sponsors:

Acer, ArcServe, Aruba Networks, Atlantis Computing, B&B, Belkin, Cisco, DPI Inc., Elo,  Fluke Networks, HGST, Honeywell, HP Enterprise, HP Mobility, HP PSG, IBM, Intel Security/McAfee, Jabra, EMV Transition, Logitech, Microsemi, MSI, NCR, Plantronics, PNY, Proofpoint, Pulse Secure, Revolabs, Seagate, ShoreTel, SMK Link, Sophos, Star Micronics, Steel Series, VXI, WatchGuard, Zebra






EVENT RECAP: Vantage Minneapolis

Vantage Thank You

The Vantage Minneapolis event on June 3, 2015 brought in over 120 local Minneapolis solution providers, Ingram Micro   associates, and Manufacturer representative attendees to the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Minneapolis. With the event theme of “Improve Your Vantage Point – how to prepare for the new IT”, Ingram Micro’s objective was to improve our customers’ vantage points by helping solution providers and manufacturer partners build their businesses and be more   profitable by developing 3 key areas:

1) Understand today’s market challenges and offer relevant solutions

2) Identify and bring new market opportunities to our partners

3) Enable our partners to focus on their core businesses and leverage our vast capabilities

One of the main highlights of the day’s agenda was the Keynote Address from Michael Rogers, Practical Futurist, who recently completed two years as futurist-in-residence for The New York Times and is a columnist for NBC.com. He is also a best-selling novelist whose fiction explores the human impact of technology. He shared great insight on the future of technology and where it’s taking us. Find out more about Michael here: http://michaelrogers.com/

Attendees also received a better understanding of the 2015 Top CIO Priorities and how to leverage the many offerings of Ingram Micro and manufacturer partners.

Many thanks to our 28 Manufacturer Sponsors:

Adaptec, B&B Smartworx, BitDefender, Check Point, ClearOne, Cyberpower, Dell SonicWALL, Ingram Micro Sourcing Solutions, Intel, Jabra, Kaspersky Lab, Kingston, Microsemi, Panduit, Plantronics, QLogic, Revolabs, Sanus, Sennheiser, ShoreTel, SMK Link, Sophos, Tenable, Trend Micro, V7, VMWare, VXI, Western Digital


Hearing from Michael Rogers


Lunch time networking


Group discussions during the Interactive Solutions Workshop


Private tour of Minnesota Twins Target Field


Perfect photo opportunity with the Minnesota Twins mascot


Socializing during the Networking Reception at Target Field



Are your customers protected from the 7 Deadly IT Sins?

These 7 crucial security areas are often overlooked, creating weak spots that hackers love to exploit— putting your customers’ network and data at risk.

The Seven Deadly I.T. Sins

  1. Mobile Negligence: Managing and securing mobile devices is more than just important these days. It’s vital. Those flashy little devices in your users’ pockets are windows into their organization.
  2. Mac Malice: Hackers have malicious plans for Macs. New Mac Trojans, adware and ransomware threats are emerging every day, plus Macs are increasingly used to host and spread Windows Malware.
  3. Unsecure Wi-Fi: Employees and guests are connecting to the wireless network, but are there demons on their devices? Wi-Fi is a must but if it’s not secure the organization’s data and network is at risk.
  4. Unencrypted email: Sending unencrypted email is like sending a postcard in the mail – anyone with the means and motive can access it.
  5. Faulty Firewall: A company’s firewall is its first defense. So if it can’t keep up or is too complex to use effectively, it’s a Deadly IT Sin.
  6. Unencrypted Files: Data breaches are constantly hitting the headlines, leading to big fines and even bigger reputation damage.
  7. Delinquent web filtering: With 80% of all web malware hosted on compromised legitimate websites, simply blocking undesirable categories of websites is not enough.


Check out the 7 Sins today and learn how to secure organizations against them.