Beware of Ransomware in Healthcare

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Ransomware impact the safety of patients in healthcare. Ransomeware infects a PC and restricts access to the infected PC by encrypting most files. Ransomware is an easy source of revenue for cyber criminals. So what are the impacts of ransomware attacks? If PCs are not functioning or there are delayed information access, it could cause patient safety concerns and information. Caregivers try to treat patients and consider the difficulties they would encounter if their PCs were not functional, rendering no access to the electronic medical record system.

Below are some of the potential impacts of ransomware:

  • Patient medical history inaccessible.
  • Patient medication history unavailable.
  • Lab orders delayed.
  • Lab results stalled.
  • Prescriptions postponed because they cannot be ordered electronically
  • Medical devices inoperable.
  • Monitoring PCs impacted.
  • Potential public relations controversy – What if the staff can no longer access the application that tracks location of patients. What if that patient passes before the family can see them?

Prevention What can organizations to do protect themselves from ransomware?

  • Put strong technologies in place to prevent and detect threats.
  • Educate the workforce.
  • Make sure IT, security and other staff or partners are trained in prevention, detection and incident response.

Bottom line: have contingency plans. Organizations need to invest in cyber security and education versus the cost of using papers and pens.

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Wireless Networks might be the most vulnerable when it comes to security.


In a wireless network there are a number of settings and facilities that can be utilized to increase the level of security and reduce the possibility of your data or network being compromised.

  • Netwave® units are shipped in a default condition with a number of fields set with generic strings. The Administrator “Username” and “Password” strings should be changed to prevent unwanted access to the configuration and management interface of the devices.
  • The SSID (Service Set Identifier) is a name broadcast by the Access Point allowing Clients to detect and connect to that Access Point. The SSID transmission can be disabled meaning that a Client must be provide the SSID of the Access Point before it will connect to it.
  • To secure the traffic flowing across a wireless link, encryption techniques can be employed. At ComNet would advise the use of WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption running the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cipher.
  • The Access Point can also be preloaded with allowable MAC addresses and then it will look to block all other. In either point-to-point or point-to-multipoint systems both the traffic flow of Client wireless units and their devices can be managed based on their associated MAC addresses.

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Are your customers protected from the 7 Deadly IT Sins?

These 7 crucial security areas are often overlooked, creating weak spots that hackers love to exploit— putting your customers’ network and data at risk.

The Seven Deadly I.T. Sins

  1. Mobile Negligence: Managing and securing mobile devices is more than just important these days. It’s vital. Those flashy little devices in your users’ pockets are windows into their organization.
  2. Mac Malice: Hackers have malicious plans for Macs. New Mac Trojans, adware and ransomware threats are emerging every day, plus Macs are increasingly used to host and spread Windows Malware.
  3. Unsecure Wi-Fi: Employees and guests are connecting to the wireless network, but are there demons on their devices? Wi-Fi is a must but if it’s not secure the organization’s data and network is at risk.
  4. Unencrypted email: Sending unencrypted email is like sending a postcard in the mail – anyone with the means and motive can access it.
  5. Faulty Firewall: A company’s firewall is its first defense. So if it can’t keep up or is too complex to use effectively, it’s a Deadly IT Sin.
  6. Unencrypted Files: Data breaches are constantly hitting the headlines, leading to big fines and even bigger reputation damage.
  7. Delinquent web filtering: With 80% of all web malware hosted on compromised legitimate websites, simply blocking undesirable categories of websites is not enough.


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