Cost-Effective 4-Port Self-Managed Switch Designed for Ring Network Topology Solves Many Challenges

Are you looking for a solution to network video flooding but want to avoid the cost and complexity of a managed Ethernet switch? ComNet self-managed switches are simple, yet cost-effective solution to allow IP video to be introduced in multiple locations on a ring network topology without the cost and complexity a managed switch requires. The unit features Gigabit TX ports that take in IP video and two SFP optical ports that take in data from the previous network device and forward it optically to the next device in a ring topology. This very small-sized switch also has a PoE model to provide power to IP cameras requiring power and are ideal for use in confined spaces.


The key benefit to users of the CNGE2+2SMS is its ease of use. It offers management without the cost or user knowledge required for a managed switch. This port-configured Ethernet switch allows the user to create a virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) that manages the Ethernet data being transported, thereby preventing network flooding. Let the ComNet design center show you how stop flooding your IP video network. Contact the design center today.