Wireless Networks might be the most vulnerable when it comes to security.


In a wireless network there are a number of settings and facilities that can be utilized to increase the level of security and reduce the possibility of your data or network being compromised.

  • Netwave® units are shipped in a default condition with a number of fields set with generic strings. The Administrator “Username” and “Password” strings should be changed to prevent unwanted access to the configuration and management interface of the devices.
  • The SSID (Service Set Identifier) is a name broadcast by the Access Point allowing Clients to detect and connect to that Access Point. The SSID transmission can be disabled meaning that a Client must be provide the SSID of the Access Point before it will connect to it.
  • To secure the traffic flowing across a wireless link, encryption techniques can be employed. At ComNet would advise the use of WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption running the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cipher.
  • The Access Point can also be preloaded with allowable MAC addresses and then it will look to block all other. In either point-to-point or point-to-multipoint systems both the traffic flow of Client wireless units and their devices can be managed based on their associated MAC addresses.

For more information, visit Comnet.net.




High density fiber enclosures can maximize the amount of active equipment in a data center by minimizing the footprint of the networking infrastructure — but there’s a problem — all that fiber in a small amount of space creates problems when changes need to be made.

That fiber is usually directly behind the enclosure making it nearly impossible to reach in and remove a cassette, and even if you can, you will most likely disturb active circuits that are near the cassette that you are trying to move. The same is true for the front side of the enclosure. The number of fiber patch cords makes it extremely difficult to pull out a drawer making it nearly impossible to manage.

With Panduit HD Flex™ Fiber Cabling System the fiber management at the rear of the enclosure is all off to the side removing the big pile of slack fiber. The trays are split, or only half as wide as the enclosure itself. This makes it easier to slide the tray in and out when they are fully populated with cassettes or adapter panels.

Go to HD Flex landing page to see how to solve your real-world problems.

Are your customers protected from the 7 Deadly IT Sins?

These 7 crucial security areas are often overlooked, creating weak spots that hackers love to exploit— putting your customers’ network and data at risk.

The Seven Deadly I.T. Sins

  1. Mobile Negligence: Managing and securing mobile devices is more than just important these days. It’s vital. Those flashy little devices in your users’ pockets are windows into their organization.
  2. Mac Malice: Hackers have malicious plans for Macs. New Mac Trojans, adware and ransomware threats are emerging every day, plus Macs are increasingly used to host and spread Windows Malware.
  3. Unsecure Wi-Fi: Employees and guests are connecting to the wireless network, but are there demons on their devices? Wi-Fi is a must but if it’s not secure the organization’s data and network is at risk.
  4. Unencrypted email: Sending unencrypted email is like sending a postcard in the mail – anyone with the means and motive can access it.
  5. Faulty Firewall: A company’s firewall is its first defense. So if it can’t keep up or is too complex to use effectively, it’s a Deadly IT Sin.
  6. Unencrypted Files: Data breaches are constantly hitting the headlines, leading to big fines and even bigger reputation damage.
  7. Delinquent web filtering: With 80% of all web malware hosted on compromised legitimate websites, simply blocking undesirable categories of websites is not enough.


Check out the 7 Sins today and learn how to secure organizations against them.

Ho Hum… Another Data Breach

The past year has seen big-time data breaches become common news. This begs the question: Is it possible for companies to get jaded about security?

When you think about the recent, high-profile breaches against Target and Home Depot, these incidents really have become regular, and somewhat mind-numbing, news events.


Whenever something happens on a frequent basis we become less and less tuned in to what’s actually happening. “Oh yeah, I heard there was another hacker attack, but who won that game last night?”

For those closest to the issue of protecting data and systems there is probably very little likelihood of succumbing to indifference toward hacker attacks and intrusions.

However, the security landscape is constantly changing. Organizations today are vulnerable to threats that might not have existed six months ago, and six months from now will be vulnerable to threats that don’t yet exist today. This is especially true as mobile technology becomes more prevalent.

As a trusted advisor you have an opportunity to guide customers to solutions that can protect their business and act as a business enabler by reducing risk, costs and increasing IT productivity. Download this brief to learn more.

Choosing the Right Architecture for the Application and Environment

The pace at which server and storage technology is advancing, particularly in the area of virtualization, has left large gaps in knowledge among general IT departments. This has lead to poorly designed architectures resulting in performance challenges. Well-educated, experienced and technically competent storage resellers have a great opportunity to help these IT departments through professional analysis, systems design, installation services and training. A quality reseller can help future-proof the customer against growing data and performance hungry databases and server virtualization technology. Speak with an Ingram Micro Representative today about Nexsan storage solutions by Imation.

Nexsan by Imation -- "...the IT industry's thirst for great numbers of virtual machines puts significant pressure on the storage infrastructure which can only be addressed by more efficient design."

To learn more visit https://www.imation.com/en/knowledge/nexsan/whitepapers/storage-configuration-guide/

EVENT RECAP: Technology Solutions Conference – April 14 – 15, 2015

Last week on April 14 & 15, over 100 Ingram Micro associates, manufacturer partners, and solution providers gathered in Buffalo, NY for Ingram Micro’s annual Technology Solutions Conference.

With the theme of “Rethink, Reassess, Reevaluate” – solution provider attendees were challenged to rethink their IT strategies and understand that the OLD IT is no longer. Ingram Micro and manufacturer partners taught solution providers on:

• Business analytics

• Security solutions for small and large organizations

• Vertical consultancy around HIPAA , PCI and EMV

• Refresh opportunities with Windows Server 2003 EOS (end of support)

• Power of Choice: offering clients on premise, hybrid and Cloud solutions and leveraging the IM portfolio

• Professional Services: how to build and augment your offering so that you offer complete solutions

• Storage technologies

It was a very educational and worthwhile experience for all the attendees. Check out our photos below!

Thank you to our manufacturer sponsors: Bitdefender, Dell SonicWALL, Emerson Network Power, ESET, Fortinet, HGST, IBM Software, Intel Security/McAfee, Jabra, Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, Logitech, NETGEAR, Nexsan, Panduit, Plantronics, Pulse Secure, Raritan, Sennheiser, ShoreTel, Tenable, Trend Micro, Veeam, VXI, WatchGuard.

Technology Fair

Technology Fair



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Cloud Presentation

Cloud Presentation


Solutions Workshop

Solutions Workshop


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Conference on Next Generation Productivity: Leveraging Big Data/Analytics, Collaboration, and BYOD

You’re Invited!
Next Generation Productivity: Leveraging Big Data/Analytics, Collaboration, and BYOD

Ingram Micro is pleased to invite you to the Technology Solutions Conference in Buffalo, NY on March 11-14, 2014.

At the most recent 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show, tools and gadgets that provided extreme productivity and connected everything shined. What is driving these trends? Businesses and customers are seeking new ways to increase productivity, cut costs, reduce cycle times, and make informed decisions based on the data gathered. This world is changing and the need for data collection and continuous productivity and connection is shaping a new way to learn, work and live with the power of technology.

Big Data/Analytics, Collaboration, and BYOD alters the definitions of productivity and work. Embracing these technology solutions makes it possible to innovate faster than ever before, with significantly improved execution. This will drive even greater productivity than what organizations have achieved with the Internet. Not only is it imperative from a competitive standpoint, but the shifting demographics of today’s workforce also demands it. The ability to gather and support large datasets (Big Data/Analytics), seamless connection and exchange of information (Collaboration), and to provide access [to that data] to work from anywhere, anytime (BYOD) is the solution businesses need to aid this boom in next generation productivity.

Come join Ingram Micro and our manufacturer sponsors at this interactive and educational conference around “Next Generation Productivity: Leveraging Big Data/Analytics, Collaboration, and BYOD to learn about all its key components.

Interested in attending? Email shana.fu@ingrammicro.com to receive a copy of the invitation.