Additional Resources

For more information on Ingram Micro’s extensive linecard of solutions and technologies, please visit our Technology Solutions website:

or the corporate site at – more information on technologies can be found under the “Services and Support” section.

Content Management
Learn how to develop solutions and target market opportunities for preserving qualitative data and constructing a paperless office. In addition, we addresses how to enable businesses to counter disasters through seamless recoveries, in accordance with government regulations, by providing a solution for data retention.

Data Center
Data center practice provides the agility and responsiveness needed to meet the business needs of today’s end users. According to Gartner Group, 50 percent of enterprise-class data centers today, will be technologically obsolete within 24 months. Learn more on how to can provide a full data center solution to your end customers.

IT Security
Today’s network infrastructure also requires IT security, including virus protection, network access control, compliance, intrusion detection and prevention, data-loss prevention and more. Our IT Security Module educates solution providers about how to develop solutions and target market opportunities for network access control (NAC), unified threat management (UTM) and defending against an ever-changing security-threat landscape.

When discussing emerging technologies and IT trends, mobility solutions ranked as highly as cloud computing for utmost sales growth for solution providers and end users next year. Our goal is to enable solution providers to develop mobile solutions and target marketing opportunities to businesses in need of innovative solutions from hardware, activations, software and mobile logistic services.

ProAV/Digital Signage
 Ingram Micro’s Digital Signage Division consists of a dedicated team of cross-trained digital signage professionals to help solution providers and manufacturer partners enter this growing market.

Physical Security
Security needs are increasing across every type of establishment in today’s fast-moving, high-tech business environment. Most small to midsize businesses don’t have physical security policies and are vulnerable to attacks from a host of security threats. Today’s physical security environment includes monitoring services, access control, video surveillance and more. Ingram Micro addresses this need by communicating, training and educating, and creating demand for security solutions from our manufacturer partners.

Unified Communications
Unified communications offers intriguing productivity solutions that rely on a robust and fine-tuned network. Bandwidth-intensive applications such as videoconferencing, workgroup collaboration and business-video webcasts are crowding out legacy applications. The Unified Communications Module helps to show solution providers how to lower the cost of doing business and reduce travel costs and carbon footprints, combined with effective collaboration across multiple locations and improved workforce productivity levels by having the right people available at the right time.


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