CloudForms 4.5 – Now with Ansible Automation!

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Two of the hottest products in the Cloud & Automation space, Red Hat CloudForms and Red Hat Ansible, are now officially working together with the release of CloudForms 4.5, which includes Ansible Automation inside, right out of the box.

Ansible Automation allows CloudForms to use Ansible Playbooks, which are written in the Ansible language.

For CloudForms, this means:

1. Services – Allow an Ansible Playbook to back a CloudForms service catalog item
2. Control Actions – CloudForms policies can execute Ansible Playbooks as actions based on events from providers.
3. Control Alerts – set a Ansible playbook to launch prompted by a Cloudforms Alert.

CloudForms 4.5 with Ansible Automation is not a replacement or substitute for Ansible Tower however – Each product addresses different use cases and customer needs, and are generally sold to different customers within the IT Organization.

You can learn more about the integration at Red Hat’s official CloudForms Blog.


Why use Ansible for Automation?


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Why use Ansible for Automation?

As you know, today’s market leaders (regardless of industry), are leading their industries by thinking of technology first (and essentially becoming technology companies). Anything they can do to move faster, pivot quicker, and cut costs, will give them a significant competitive advantage over their competition.

Companies are turning to automation products, such as Red Hat’s Ansible Tower, as one of the fundamental drivers for optimizing their IT Infrastructure. When looking at Config Management Solutions, more and more customers are turning to Ansible to meet their needs.

Some of the advantages Ansible offers are:

1. It’s a simple, powerful, and agentless automation engine
2. Can automate and orchestrate the complex IT process, systems, and networks
3. It’s a command-line tool that relies on SSH and WinRM to connect to and manage remote instances
4. Is back by over 1000 modules that enable it to manage all aspect of IT environments
5. It’s often adopted from the bottom-up: IT Administrators and developers typically leads to widescale adoption by entire IT enterprises

You can learn more about Ansible here:

Hospital System Troubleshoots Wireless Network in Seconds with NETSCOUT’s AirCheck G2


For Houston Methodist Hospital, providing reliable wireless networks is crucial. With over 6 million square feet including 6 remote sites, troubleshooting Wi-Fi problems is a top priority. Wireless Engineers and Architects use the AirCheck G2 as one of their first response tools to validate wireless signal coverage, Wi-Fi strength, client devices, and to help locate rogue access points.

Watch this short video to see how this handheld tool gives a suite of key information, quickly and efficiently for the Houston Methodist Hospital’s IT team.

Watch the full case study here: NETSCOUT’s AirCheck G2


Red Hat CloudForms

Complete Lifecycle, Operational and Financial Management


Red Hat CloudForms offers unified management for hybrid environments, providing a consistent experience and functionality across container based infrastructures, virtualization, private and public cloud platforms. Red Hat CloudForms enables enterprises to accelerate service delivery by providing self service, including complete operational and lifecycle management of the deployed services. It provides greater operational visibility through continuous discovery, monitoring and deep inspection of managed resources. And it ensures compliance and governance via automated policy enforcement and remediation. All the while, CloudForms is reducing operational costs, reducing or eliminating the manual processes that burden IT staff.

Click here for more information.

Live a clean, healthy lifestyle while growing your own farm!


Create healthier offices, schools and homes with the OPCOM Farm Grow Box, Grow Wall and Cube.

Designed for the do-it-yourselfer, OPCOM Farm products are self-contained, easy to assemble, hydroponic farming systems. Each kit includes everything the user needs to get started, even the seeds. All units incorporate a patented air-water filtration system and power-saving, cost-efficient LED lights that are height adjustable. The GrowWall Farm and Garden as well as the Cube can be daisy-chained to create an indoor farm, garden or forest. Using the central control panel, users simply set their Grower to AUTO run and monitor it with OPCOM’s Link Cloud Farm application.

With OPCOM Farm products, even novice farmers can produce organic produce or gardens for home or sale in local markets. Children can learn and study plant growth in the classroom.

In addition to producing healthier food for the table, OPCOM Farm products also purify the air for safer school and work environments. WHO estimated air pollution kills up to seven million people annually. GrowWalls efficiently reduce PM2.5, CO2, Formaldehyde, Benzene and other indoor pollutants. Fully grown, one GrowWall becomes a mini indoor forest, comparable to 10 air purifiers and 2 oxygen generators.

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Expand an existing SPAN (Port Mirror) or Tap port monitoring capability with the USR 10/100/1000 Variable 4 Port Aggregator and Regenerator. Dual purpose hardware provides the option to share identical copies of data made by Tap or SPAN ports to multiple tools for security, storage or recording purposes — or combine Tap and SPAN port data into one combined stream for complete visibility into network traffic. The 3:1 mode faultlessly combines and processes up to three streams of data into a single data stream allowing a single monitoring tool access to a larger portion of the network. The 1:3 mode replicates up to 3 copies of data, and when used with an Aggregation Tap like the USR4503 can increase visibility to four monitor ports, sending identical copies to separate network tools (analyzer, IDS, probe) for simultaneous monitoring and analyzing. Eliminate SPAN port contention, oversubscription, and configuration errors with this easy to install and port saving device. Ideal for security applications or anywhere you need dedicated access to your network links for advanced or consolidated monitoring.

  1. Flexible
  2. Network stability – help eliminate SPAN port contention and errors
  3. Secure
  4. Simple installation
  5. Up-time – deploy tools immediately without impacting production network

For questions or any inquiries, please contact Barry Taylor at

Unlock Potential with Innovative Display Monitor Solutions from SMARTdesks®


Collaboration and leadership are the cornerstones of today’s workplace in business and education. Technology enables us to innovate together at a faster pace than ever before. From network building to instant information access, the culture of sharing defines how we think, work, and play.

SMARTdesks® recognizes that sharing technology at school and the office optimizes results, and our unique FlipIT® hardware presents the all-in-one solution. Available in an array of sizes, the FlipIT LaptopSafe®, FlipIT® Kits and FlipIT® Lift transform conventional workspaces into multi-use, collaborative environments. FlipIT® products are uniquely engineered monitor and all-in-one display mounting systems that offer tremendous flexibility, and are lockable for added data security.

Existing furniture is easy to retrofit with the FlipIT®, state-of-the-art in collaborative design. All FlipIT® products boast clear sight lines when in use, and when no longer needed smoothly slide out of sight with the push of your hand. The FlipIT® Lift is ideal for collaborative projects; groups can gather to share their screens on the main display. The FlipIT® LaptopSafe and FlipIT® Kit are ergonomically designed, with a semi-recessed, adjustable screen angle maximizing user comfort. From small rooms to open-plan spaces, every FlipIT® model elegantly brings flexibility and versatility to work.