CloudForms 4.5 – Now with Ansible Automation!

efficiency_cloudsfromabove_istock (1)

Two of the hottest products in the Cloud & Automation space, Red Hat CloudForms and Red Hat Ansible, are now officially working together with the release of CloudForms 4.5, which includes Ansible Automation inside, right out of the box.

Ansible Automation allows CloudForms to use Ansible Playbooks, which are written in the Ansible language.

For CloudForms, this means:

1. Services – Allow an Ansible Playbook to back a CloudForms service catalog item
2. Control Actions – CloudForms policies can execute Ansible Playbooks as actions based on events from providers.
3. Control Alerts – set a Ansible playbook to launch prompted by a Cloudforms Alert.

CloudForms 4.5 with Ansible Automation is not a replacement or substitute for Ansible Tower however – Each product addresses different use cases and customer needs, and are generally sold to different customers within the IT Organization.

You can learn more about the integration at Red Hat’s official CloudForms Blog.


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