Why use Ansible for Automation?


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Why use Ansible for Automation?

As you know, today’s market leaders (regardless of industry), are leading their industries by thinking of technology first (and essentially becoming technology companies). Anything they can do to move faster, pivot quicker, and cut costs, will give them a significant competitive advantage over their competition.

Companies are turning to automation products, such as Red Hat’s Ansible Tower, as one of the fundamental drivers for optimizing their IT Infrastructure. When looking at Config Management Solutions, more and more customers are turning to Ansible to meet their needs.

Some of the advantages Ansible offers are:

1. It’s a simple, powerful, and agentless automation engine
2. Can automate and orchestrate the complex IT process, systems, and networks
3. It’s a command-line tool that relies on SSH and WinRM to connect to and manage remote instances
4. Is back by over 1000 modules that enable it to manage all aspect of IT environments
5. It’s often adopted from the bottom-up: IT Administrators and developers typically leads to widescale adoption by entire IT enterprises

You can learn more about Ansible here: https://www.ansible.com/


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