Live a clean, healthy lifestyle while growing your own farm!


Create healthier offices, schools and homes with the OPCOM Farm Grow Box, Grow Wall and Cube.

Designed for the do-it-yourselfer, OPCOM Farm products are self-contained, easy to assemble, hydroponic farming systems. Each kit includes everything the user needs to get started, even the seeds. All units incorporate a patented air-water filtration system and power-saving, cost-efficient LED lights that are height adjustable. The GrowWall Farm and Garden as well as the Cube can be daisy-chained to create an indoor farm, garden or forest. Using the central control panel, users simply set their Grower to AUTO run and monitor it with OPCOM’s Link Cloud Farm application.

With OPCOM Farm products, even novice farmers can produce organic produce or gardens for home or sale in local markets. Children can learn and study plant growth in the classroom.

In addition to producing healthier food for the table, OPCOM Farm products also purify the air for safer school and work environments. WHO estimated air pollution kills up to seven million people annually. GrowWalls efficiently reduce PM2.5, CO2, Formaldehyde, Benzene and other indoor pollutants. Fully grown, one GrowWall becomes a mini indoor forest, comparable to 10 air purifiers and 2 oxygen generators.

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