Rain Design Ergonomic Mstands Enhance Productivity, Health and Focus

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Ergonomics plays a key role in the general well-being and productivity of people at work, in school or at home. Rain Design’s ergonomic support solutions for notebooks, tablets and smartphones improve posture and support dynamic work styles. Their  bestselling mStand transforms a notebook into a stylish, comfortable and stable workstation and now, a new generation of mStands offers additional flexibility and support for other smart devices as well.

The new mStand 360 for notebooks incorporates a swivel base that accommodates easier sharing and collaboration  with colleagues. It allows the user to safety turn the laptop without the pressure of weight. The mStand mobile and mStand tablet series help alleviate hand fatigue and neck pain by allowing users comfortable viewing and hands-free usage- making touching, swiping or writing with a stylus easier. And since there is not one universal position comfortable for everyone, the mStand tablet pro and mStand tablet plus are designed with adjustable hinges so the users can adjust the height and angle for the most optimal ergonomic usage.

Rain Design award-winning products are endorsed by top editors and industry professionals and come highly recommended by satisfied customers.

For more information, visit:  www.raindesigninc.com