The Importance of Network Switch Cooling


Server room cooling is a constant challenge for data center managers. One crucial part of server rack equipment that needs to be maintained at optimum operating temperature is the network switch, usually mounted at the top rear of the cabinet for easier access to necessary cables. However, that location presents a problem for effective cooling as air from the cold aisle has further to travel to reach the back of the rack, and it also becomes contaminated by heated exhaust from other rack devices.

As density within the rack increases this problem becomes more acute. When network switches do not receive adequate amounts of cool air, it can result in hot spots and, potentially, overheated switches that can reduce the effective lifetime of the device. This is alleviated with Geist’s SwitchAir™ cooling system. SwitchAir delivers cool air directly to network devices regardless of where they are mounted. Meaning that, instead of contaminated air, switches receive the cooling directly.

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