Do you believe Single RAID Solution Fit All Storage Needs?

High Point blog

HighPoint believes no single RAID Storage solution will be able to meet each and every storage requirement; in terms of performance, budget and redundancy protection. HighPoint RocketStor RAID Storage Enclosures were designed to address a variety of Storage Applications, and are available in 3 distinct RAID Classes: Hardware, Turbo and Value RAID Solutions.

RocketStor Hardware RAID Class (A/AS) solutions utilize dedicated RAID 5 & 6 Architecture to deliver highly-stable, maximized RAID Storage performance demanded by resource intensive, enterprise class storage applications. RocketStor Turbo RAID Class (TS) solutions deliver the best combination of performance and Cost-efficient RAID 5 storage; ideal for high-speed storage applications such as media post production and video streaming. RocketStor Value RAID Class (VS) deliver cost-efficient RAID 5 solutions, and utilize point-to-point Mini-SAS architecture to eliminate the performance bottleneck of port-multiplier solutions, while providing simple and secure storage connectivity.