Unlock Potential with Innovative Display Monitor Solutions from SMARTdesks®


Collaboration and leadership are the cornerstones of today’s workplace in business and education. Technology enables us to innovate together at a faster pace than ever before. From network building to instant information access, the culture of sharing defines how we think, work, and play.

SMARTdesks® recognizes that sharing technology at school and the office optimizes results, and our unique FlipIT® hardware presents the all-in-one solution. Available in an array of sizes, the FlipIT LaptopSafe®, FlipIT® Kits and FlipIT® Lift transform conventional workspaces into multi-use, collaborative environments. FlipIT® products are uniquely engineered monitor and all-in-one display mounting systems that offer tremendous flexibility, and are lockable for added data security.

Existing furniture is easy to retrofit with the FlipIT®, state-of-the-art in collaborative design. All FlipIT® products boast clear sight lines when in use, and when no longer needed smoothly slide out of sight with the push of your hand. The FlipIT® Lift is ideal for collaborative projects; groups can gather to share their screens on the main display. The FlipIT® LaptopSafe and FlipIT® Kit are ergonomically designed, with a semi-recessed, adjustable screen angle maximizing user comfort. From small rooms to open-plan spaces, every FlipIT® model elegantly brings flexibility and versatility to work.