Lower Your Point-of-Sale Cost

Future Business

Just like everyone needs a mobile phone, every business such as restaurant or retail store running in the modern days needs Point-of-Sale. So now the question is: do you know how to lower cost with qualified POS? Future Business brings you the answer.

  • No more heavy cost
  • No more long training time
  • No more system license fee
  • No more susceptible to Windows security threats.

Now Future Business is excited to announce its brand new Android based All-in-One Point-of-Sale terminal, the PU15B-CU. This POS terminal is perfect for businesses that are looking for a system that is cost effective with a professional style. The unit features low power consumption, fan less operation and has integration capabilities for Wi-Fi and multi-touch screen. The unit runs exclusively on an Android operating system, keeping the cost of the POS solutions to a minimum as compared to other systems in the market.

We are not looking for fancy functions, neither animation designs. We just make an affordable tool for every business.

PU15B-CU features:

  • High processing speed
  • Professional style
  • Multiple ways to be connected, wifi and Ethernet
  • Multiple USB ports to connect peripherals
  • Support SD card
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with most Android POS Software

Learn more: www.futurebusinessllc.com