Why You Need a Laminator

Why Laminate?
Laminating helps to protect, preserve, and enhance documents and photos. It gives your documents a more professional look that can withstand wear and tear. It also makes your photos more vivid and sharper. Laminators are a great addition to offices, homes, schools, government institution, and more.

How to Laminate?
Laminating is a rather simple process. First, take a sheet of laminating pouch film and insert the document or photo you wish to laminate. Next, run it through the laminator. There are 2 types of pouch films thermal and self-adhesive. Thermal film is melted by the laminator which makes it sticky and seals it to the document. Self-adhesive film has a sticky back similar to tape that is applied over the document and the pressure from the laminator rollers is what creates the seal. Our laminators feature both hot and cold lamination which will laminate both of these types of film.

What to Laminate?
Professional: POS displays, hours of operation, OSHA documents, maps, posters, school lesson plans, menus, business cards, name tags, prayer cards

Personal: Photos, children’s artwork, birth certificates, luggage tags, labels, recipes

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