How New Android All-in-one Perfect POS Solution

Future Business

Future Business is excited to release its latest Android All-in-one, PU15B-CU, which is a new product to lower merchant’s cost in POS solution.

All-in-one is a trend in POS field, as it takes up much less space than a traditional POS. the platform clears up counter space and eliminates long lines in front of cash registers. How to choose the right one?

PU15B-CU, an Android All-in-one for POS is standing out. It is designed to meet a broad range of business applications running on the popular Android operating system. Comparing with tablet, PU15B-CU has more classic and professional style. More than that, it is an inexpensive All-in-one system comparing with Windows based All-in-one.

PU15B-CU makes POS more affordable and easier:

  • Professional style
  • Two ways to be connected, wifi and Ethernet
  • Multiple USB ports
  • Compatible with most Android POS Software
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use

With PU15B-CU, what you can do:

    • Integrate your favorite POS software
    • Integrate required POS peripherals
    • Choose your way to be connected
    • Pay less

Future Business is engaging to help customers cut down unnecessary cost with qualified products and services. Experience PU15B-CU, a latest Android All-in-one today. Go to or email us at