Console Management raised to a new level with Opengear Smart OOB™

Out-of-band (OOB) access to critical infrastructure was pioneered 30+ years ago. It began as a DIY solution where engineers used terminal servers or repurposed hardware with serial ports to access infrastructure. With the growth of crammed data closets and sophisticated data centers, software tools (PuTTY, OpenSSH) allowed sysadmins to create console management solutions.

Today, the exponential growth and increased complexity of IT infrastructure — M2M, Cloud, IoT — drives the need for smarter real-time decision-making, deeper data analysis, and robust data storage at the network edge. Infrastructure must be more resilient. Sustained outages can cripple an enterprise. Traditional console management isn’t enough.

Computer network diagram.

Enter Opengear’s Smart OOB™ solution to raise console management to a new level:

  • Secure remote out-of-band access and infrastructure management
  • Alternate path to remote sites for monitoring, auto-response and remediation to increase uptime and IT resilience
  • Monitor everything including the physical environment (network, server, power, environmental, storage) to proactively detect faults before they become failures
  • Integrated cellular connectivity (4G LTE, 3G) certified with major carriers globally to increase uptime
  • Failover to Cellular™ to ensure faster recovery from network/IT failures

Don’t settle for “dumb” solutions when Opengear Smart OOB™ provides increased uptime and IT resiliency. Learn more.


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