Ho Hum… Another Data Breach

The past year has seen big-time data breaches become common news. This begs the question: Is it possible for companies to get jaded about security?

When you think about the recent, high-profile breaches against Target and Home Depot, these incidents really have become regular, and somewhat mind-numbing, news events.


Whenever something happens on a frequent basis we become less and less tuned in to what’s actually happening. “Oh yeah, I heard there was another hacker attack, but who won that game last night?”

For those closest to the issue of protecting data and systems there is probably very little likelihood of succumbing to indifference toward hacker attacks and intrusions.

However, the security landscape is constantly changing. Organizations today are vulnerable to threats that might not have existed six months ago, and six months from now will be vulnerable to threats that don’t yet exist today. This is especially true as mobile technology becomes more prevalent.

As a trusted advisor you have an opportunity to guide customers to solutions that can protect their business and act as a business enabler by reducing risk, costs and increasing IT productivity. Download this brief to learn more.


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