The Emergence of Huddle Rooms

The emergence of huddle rooms and why quality audio conferencing is important in these rooms

Companies today are challenged during the typical conference call due to sound quality or speaker limitations of the systems they are using. Many institutions create smaller huddle rooms where their teams can meet and collaborate in a more intimate setting. When users meet for conference calls typically their colleagues gather closely around a speaker phone or use the internal speakers and microphone of their laptop/PC. Both of these scenarios provide poor audio quality. When the sound quality of a call is poor it impacts the overall effectiveness of a meeting. The best video feed cannot make up for bad audio. Many times companies also need a solution that can support IP, softphone and webinar applications in one system. To solve both of these problems corporations need to be sure they are equipped with high quality audio communication technology.

Revolabs conference phones solve these problems. The FLX UC conference phones provide professional quality full duplex audio through tweeter and mid-woofer speaker elements, integrated acoustic echo cancellation and four embedded microphones giving full 360° coverage. The UC 1000 combines a USB speakerphone with a VoIP conference phone that bridges calls between the two. The UC 500 is for USB softphone/webinar only calls.



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