Transporter: Solving the IT Dilemma

The IT Dilemma

Hundreds of millions of users have adopted public cloud storage services because of the convenience they deliver for sharing and accessing files on any device from anywhere in the world. Traditional file servers and NAS solutions offer the control that IT requires, but were not designed to handle today’s modern, mobile workforce. This has led to large numbers of employees using public cloud storage without the approval of IT. In fact, recent research shows that nearly 50% of employees are using Dropbox without IT’s permission.

Transporter Private Cloud Solution

Transporter for business delivers the cloud experience that employees want on private hardware appliances that companies own and control. By offering the same file sync and share convenience of popular cloud services like Dropbox, it eliminates the risk of employees using unauthorized public cloud solutions that could expose sensitive information to privacy concerns. The hardware deployment model gives IT full control over the physical location of the data all without having to pay recurring monthly fees. This level of privacy allows Transporter to satisfy the needs of highly regulated industries such as legal, government, health care, and financial services.


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