Extending the Life of Legacy Medical Equipment with B&B Electronics

B&B Electronics & Marquette Medical Systems CASE STUDY

Industry: Medical

Product: Custom Interface Serial Adapter

The Challenge:

About a hundred specialized 2” strip printers were threatened with obsolescence when Marquette Medical Systems, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, updated a hospital’s patient monitoring system to a new PC-based system. The facility hoped to be able to continue to use the specialized printers, which provided a permanent record of patient conditions, but the legacy printers used an RS-422 data signal and unusual connector pin-out. They would not communicate with RS-232 based PCs.

BB eye-catching Image

The Solution:

Rather than replace all of the printers, an engineer at Marquette Medical Systems, contacted B&B Electronics to see if we could provide an interface adapter to accommodate the unusual combination. A customized version of B&B Electronics Model 422LP9R, a 9-pin RS-232 to RS-422 converter, was designed and produced for the application. The adapters were delivered in a timely manner and cost just a fraction of the price of new printers.

Learn more about how B&B Electronics’ Product Modification Service can engineer a solution for your customer’s unique data communication needs at: http://www.bb-elec.com/Solutions/Product-Modification-Service.aspx



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