Emerging Vendor Spotlight: Thomson Reuters EndNote® leads the industry in reference management software

Thomson Reuters EndNote® leads the industry in reference management software

Thomson Reuters EndNote® is the industry’s leading software for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references. Utilized by more than 1,000 global academic institutions and R&D departments and 2 million scientists, researchers and students worldwide, EndNote provides advanced tools for managing and creating research effectively and efficiently.

The only tool of its kind, EndNote lets academics find, store, create and share research. Research management is made easy for anyone from the novice researcher publishing their first discovery to the senior professor writing a grant. They can create CVs and bibliographies from within EndNote and use features like ‘Find Full Text’ and ‘Update Records’ to automate the process of locating and updating their collection’s information, saving hours of time. EndNote is available for Mac and Windows. And EndNote’s patented Cite While You Write® technology is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Word. With EndNote, research is accessible from anywhere by registering an online account to sync desktop and online libraries, with access on any computer where EndNote is installed, online, or on an iPad.

Find more information here: http://endnote.com/


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