Making the Most out of an Ingram Micro Event

With the Ingram Micro Technology Solutions Conference coming up next week on March 11 – 14 in Buffalo, NY, we’d like to share some tips on how to make the most out of your Ingram Micro event experience.

Pre-Event Preparation

  • Make sure you take a look at the event website for pertinent logistical and event info
  • Carefully review the agenda and mark down breakout sessions you want to attend, as well as companies you want to connect with during the event
  • Connect with any presenters or companies on LinkedIn for a pre-event introduction, you can even try to set up a quick chat or meal while you’re at the event
  • Know who your Ingram Micro sales rep is and any supporting help is – if that person will be onsite at the event, be prepared with a list of items you’d like to discuss with your rep

Onsite Takeaways

  • Attend all General Session presentations – there’s a reason why those presentations are available to everyone!
  • Remember what you learn – make an effort to write down one major takeaway for each session
  • Choose the right breakout sessions to attend that will most benefit your business objectives
  • Put away the smartphone during the sessions and pay attention. You might just learn something new and valuable. There will always be breaks scheduled for you to check emails and make phone calls.


  • Talk to someone you haven’t met before. You’ll have many opportunities to sit next to or interact with different people all across the country.
  • Make sure to attend the Tech Fair and meet the vendor sponsors
  • Remember to collect business cards
  • Take advantage of all the networking and evening outings to meet like-minded people and build relationships
  • Feel free to schmooze at the social events in a more relaxed and casual setting

Real-Time Follow Up

  • Now armed with those business cards and new contacts, follow up in a timely manner. Add them on LinkedIn or Facebook. Those contacts will appreciate your prompt follow up.
  • Pay it forward – share with your colleagues or friends the information you learned at the event. Talk to your boss about the new connections you made. Hopefully the next time someone else attends an event, they will reciprocate and share knowledge with you.

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