BYOD & Big Data – Top 2 IT Trends Driving Buying Decisions in 2014

We’ve all seen the latest reports on the big 2014 IT trends that will be driving purchasing decisions in 2014. Two on the top of those lists are Big Data and BYOD.

Decision makers are looking to make improvements in collecting, storing, and managing big data. On a study conducted by Gartner, IDC, and McKinsey in 2013, 42% of organizations surveyed stated that they have invested in big data, or are planning to do so within a year. Managing big data is a daunting task. 79% of businesses (with 501 – 1000 employess) surveyed stated their IT departments view big data as a “significant challenge”.

Take a look at these valuable blog posts to learn how resellers can get ahead of the game in offering big data solutions and how to effectively manage the complexity of big data.

The bring-your-own-device trend (BYOD) will continue to rise in 2014. BYOD is by now a staple of many organizations and a growing given within the enterprise as companies look to cut costs and enhance worker mobility and productivity. A Computerworld survey forecasts that in 2014, “more than half, 54%, of the respondents said that they anticipate allowing employees to use more consumer technologies at work.”

Follow this informative blog on how resellers can help their end-users design, implement, and adopt a successful BYOD strategy.


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