MPS, Should I Get in the Game?

Companies are looking at the cost of hardware, paper, and consumables, as well as the move to adopt green, or environmentally-friendly technologies, which results is falling print volumes and drives customers to adopt new printing technologies.

Gartner reports that changes in the corporate printing market are leading to increased awareness and use of such technologies as managed print services and smaller, more intelligent multi-function printers are increasing. The ability to deliver new and cutting edge solutions will increase share of wallet for IT and Document Imaging Vendors.

Companies are agreeing that managing print is one of the most effective ways to manage costs. However, while the adoption of color printing in the corporate environment grows, customers are more and more concerned about the cost of color. About 90 percent of documents in an office environment are printed in monochrome, but the 10 percent of documents which are printed in color account for 50 percent of their printing costs.

The provider who can demonstrate a proven track record in the management and facilitation of a new output strategy, will be more likely to increase customer loyalty and reduce the need for future bids to be developed to just get best price for service. It is becoming more of a value proposition to manage the devices and volumes rather than just lowering cost.

Interested in learning more about MPS and want to know how to get started? Feel free to reach out to Troy Davis, Sr. Channel Account Executive / MPS at


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