Three takeaways I learned at the 2013 Digital Signage Expo

Digital Signage Expo … it’s like Christmas, Hanukkah, CES, and New Year’s all wrapped up into one package and delivered neatly into the heart of Las Vegas!

I have been attending Digital Signage Expo  for longer than I remember (when it was in Chicago for those who are in the same boat), and it never gets old seeing all the new technologies (toys), catching up with all of your business connections (friends) and seeing the best the Digital Signage Industry has to offer. Basically, if you don’t attend you should!

This year the event seemed smaller however I have been told it is the largest attendance the event has ever seen.

I want to share the top three things I took away from DSE 2013.

  1. The lines are blurring between everyday life and digital signage.

A few years ago signage was identifiable from a mile away. It stood out in all of its colorful glory waiting to drive information to the general public (some relative and some not so much).  Today Digital Signage has taken on an urban commando aspect to its persona.  It blends in with the landscape just waiting to spring information on you from seemingly nowhere.

Take for example Samsung’s  NL22B 22” LED LCD Transparent Display. It’s a solution that includes a turnkey all-in-one box measuring 20.2″ x 15.3″ (16.4″ w/ Rubber Foot) x 14.8″ (W x H x D) complete with PC, software, speakers and security features that will allow you to showcase anything that fits inside of the box!

Samsung 1 Samsung 2 Samsung 3


2) The more things change… the more they stay the same.

Would you believe about 36 years ago most newspapers were primarily black and white? Outside of the infrequently seen color picture, newspapers were black and white and it appears that this trend may be emerging in a new electronic format.  E-Ink is a technology has been around for a while and beginning to gain popularity as a low cost, no frills way to instantly change messaging.

For those that are looking for such a solution (QSR menu boards for example) this may be an interesting option.


3)  Thin is in… again!

The belief that digital signage media players “have-to-have” traditional operating systems and ultra-beefy form factors is soooooooo 2010!

The definition of “small form factor” for media playing devices is evolving  and now the thought of having something 6x4x6 is huge in comparison to USB sticks that measure in at under the size of a pack of gum.   I predict that more main stream/ low demand installs will begin to leverage this new use of android and ultra-ultra small form factor media playing devices… keep an eye out for this one.


Well, that’s a wrap for DSE 2013!

Be sure to mark your calendars because Ingram Micro and AVAD will be showcasing together once again at InfoComm 2013 June 8-14th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida – booth #3469. We hope to see you there!

Technically Yours-Tom Jones


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