Bigger is definitely better… InfoComm 2012 coverage part one

For all of you who have been in the ProAV and Digital Signage field for a while,  doesn’t it seem like every year the InfoComm international show grows more and more in shear size and overall attendance??

For those keeping track, the show this year managed to attract 34,268 attendees from all over the globe (up 4 percent from InfoComm 2011 in Orlando who had 33,001 attendees) and while its not record breaking (that title goes to the 2008 showing who had 34,600)… it’s very impressive!

Speaking of impressive, the vendors who play in the ProAV and Digital Signage arenas would demonstrate why bigger is better showing off some of the most cutting edge hardware around… lets take a look at some of the standouts!

Sharp continues to expand it portfolio in large format displays by offering displays that range form 32-inch class to 90-inch class… that’s 90” diagonal!!   As of today it comes in as the world’s largest single panel LED display and has all the features like a full array LED backlight, full 1080p (1920×1080) resolutions and Sharp’s legendary quality.

90in Sharp Display

The target date for release is Q1 of 2013 and I for one can’t wait.

Sharp also expanded it’s AQUOS BOARD™ offering by adding a 80in version to the already popular line of interactive display systems.  For those that are not aware the AQUOS BOARD™ is Sharp’s LED backlit touch-panel display and is available in a 60 , 70 and  80-inch screen size classes and per the company “is a complete interactive and digital solution for collaborative meetings, presentations, video conferencing, live data and interactive digital signage”.

As you can see below we have the 70in model in our Williamsville, NY office and I can’t say enough about the functionality it adds to our meetings.

Robert Young Ingram MIcro TSE working on a 70in Sharp AquosBoard

IOgear also took the stage and was kind enough to provide this blogger a personalized tour around the booth. One of the products that made an impact to me also answers a question I get all the time “I have a 3D TV, but I can’t find content and don’t want to buy all my DVDs in 3D again… what do I do”?

The IOgear 3D Complete Plus system promises to turn almost any video source (traditional DVD players, game counsels, home videos etc…) into “eye-popping 3D for your 3DTV “ The unit uses a advanced 2D to 3D algorithm that allows the user to adjust the exact sensitivity of “depth” and “3D pop” you need to make your viewing enjoyment complete.

Beside being a 2D to 3D converter, the unit also will act as a upscale (converting your 480 i/p and 720 content into full 1080P), and 4 port HDMI switch so you can… well… switch between four HDMI devices of your choice.

Take a swing by these resources to check out the IOgear 3D Complete Plus system

IOgear 3D Complete Plus system

Once again bigger is better and I find myself having to split my coverage of InfoComm 2012 into two parts, so stay tuned for the next half of my coverage what I will highlight cutting edge technology from Samsung, LG, Ingram Micro and AVAD.

Technically Yours

-Tom Jones. Ingram Micro ProAV/Digital Signage TSE


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