Webinar Recap: “The House & the Cloud” on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On Wednesday, April 18th, Ingram Micro’s Advanced Technology Division invited David Stelzl, renowned speaker, author, and business strategist for high-tech sales, to present on his new book “The House & the Cloud”. Over 300 resellers registered for this webinar.

In his dynamic webinar presentation, David covered several important topics including:
  • Problems with the current approach resellers are taking to both sales and marketing
  • The problem with most assessments – which leave the sales person with little hope to sell follow-on project and managed services business
  • The problem with most sales presentations – leading to boring company overviews that drive your audience to their smartphones rather than listening to you
He also presented several concepts to build a strategy that will lead a reseller up the ladder, into a decision maker’s office.  Furthermore, he discussed how to get to the right people and what to do when one is there. 

A main point David mentioned was: “Forget security budgets! When people don’t have a budget it simply means you are talking to the wrong people or lack valid justification. In my book, The House & the Cloud, I explain why IT organizations don’t make buying decisions – Simply put, they don’t have any liability. Asset Selling focuses on the Assets and Asset Owners – the people creating the budgets.”

Attendees of the webinar were able to walk away with these key ideas:

  • Leverage security as the number one motivator for buyers
  • Uncover the one issue every client has
  • Create dynamic messaging at the executive level
  • Move from influencers to decision makers
  • Create justification that will close the sale
To access the webinar recording link, please visit: Webinar Recording Link

To obtain a FREE copy of the House & the Cloud Book, click here: http://stelzl.us/store-2/house-the-cloud/

For more information on David Stezl and his books, visit: http://davidstelzl.com/

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