Recap: Technology Solutions Conference – Data Center/Security

Hello again from the Cloud,

I had the priveledge of meeting several reseller partners at the most recent Ingram Micro event, the Technology Solutions Conference. This event took place on October 18th-20th in Buffalo, NY, and unlike the weather here the reception was anything but chilly.

My capacity at this event was to introduce a few new, fresh concepts in the world of Data Center technologies. It’s always a pleasure for me to ask the audience if, by a show of hands, they have ever heard of a particular term or technology, only to see none of them raise up to acknowlege. This means there’s something we all can explore for the first time!

For instance, we all know that one of the big pushes for a datacenter is to maximize efficiency in order to reduce power and cooling costs, but did you know there’s an actual formula and measurement that you can use to gauge your Power Usage Efficiency (called PUE)? I outlined several tips to acheiving a greater PUE measurement, and gave some ideas on items a reseller can offer to their customer in order to accomplish this (think measurement and management tools).

I also talked about Virtualization, primarily from a standpoint that if all you’re doing is offering the basics (server consolidation) you aren’t realizing the full potential of the technology. There now exists a whole set of tools from the major virtualization vendors that allow for automation of processes, high availability solutions, and desktop mobility. The future has never been brighter for your customers to realize some signifigant enhancements to their environment by leveraging these tools. And for the value-added reseller, the opportunity has never been bigger to upsell and cross-sell to these customers.

There are only a few more Datacenter centric events left in the calendar for the year. My hope is that you’ll find the ability to visit with us at one of these, and my feeling is if you do it’ll be worth your while.

Until that time comes, here I am hitting “publish post” for the second time.


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