Recap: Data Center Boot Camp – August 3-4

I want to take the time and thank everyone who attended the Data Center Boot Camp on August 3rd and 4th. It was a great event that certainly did not leave anyone in the dark as it related to the latest trends in the technologies that shape our customers Data Centers.

Virtualization has been the catalyst in creating the next generation of dynamic Data Centers. Our customers are looking for Simpler Management, Provisioning and Business Continuity for both physically deployed and virtually deployed applications. The concepts of decoupling business critical applications and data from the hardware they sit on is a fundamental shift in the way IT administrators are viewing their infrastructure. Virtualization just does not mean server consolidation. It extends its self into every aspect of our customer’s infrastructure. From Network Virtualization, to Storage Virtualization and the Cloud and beyond, virtualization is not just for server based applications any more. A prime example of this is the way that our ed users are accessing their applications and data. The business of selling traditional Desktops and Laptops is eroding away in favor of Thin Clients, iPad like tablets and Smartphones. As I looked around at the audience at the boot Camp I could see all of us working on these devices as we listened to the content that our presenters had to offer. The client side applications that we have been deploying for years are being pulled within the Data Center with solution around Desktop Virtualization. The sooner you embrace these technologies, the sooner you can get the jump on your competition in the market places you serve.

Make sure that you are looking at the solution you provide from the ground up. You want to be sure that every aspect of the infrastructure is built with business continuity in mind. This includes the way you provide Power and Cooling resources within the facility. Leave nothing on the table when building a resilient environment; in turn it will help you to maximize your profitability while building your relationship with your customer as the trusted advisor.

Jon Busshart

Technical Support Engineer III


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