Ingram Micro Brings Digital Signage to Waltham, MA

Well gang, Ingram Micro once again took center stage at the Westin at Waltham, MA for our intermediate 201 boot camp.

This intermediate level event pulled together several of our existing partners such as NEC, Cables To Go, LG, Samsung and NEC, but we also brought a few of our new friends along such as Intel, HP and Nanonation to join in the fun and educate our customers.

Out 1st day focused on covering the latest industry trends our customers should pay attention to. We heard the latest speeds and feed from several vendor speakers, but our meetings are not made of PowerPoint alone!

I have always believed the best way to understand any technology is roll up your sleeves and do it! It doesn’t matter how many PDFs or WebPages you regularly study about digital signage, it pales in comparison to seeing the solutions close up and actually using them in real-life scenarios!

The Ingram team rolled up our sleeves and presented our “interactive stations” where we broke up into 3 groups and assigned captains that walked our customers through all the pieces of the solution.

We covered hardware and software such partners as BroadSign, NexCom, NEC, HP, Samsung and V7, and each participant in the group had the opportunity to not only interact with the sign, they asked our captains questions about the industry and solutions—it was a blast.

We toped the evening off by hosting a live series of roundtables where our resellers had the opportunity to better understand all the offerings our vendor partners have-

All in all, it was a great time and I speak for the whole Ingram DS team when I say we are looking forward to taking it up a notch when we host our 301 boot camp in New Orleans September 15th-16th, 2010.

Technically Your
Tom “TJ” Jones


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