Virtualization Boot Camp

Virtualization continues to be a hot topic. This years virtualization boot camp was a big success in Buffalo NY. We covered a variety of topics most of which hinged around how virtualization is part of a much larger solution.

As we look at Virtualization there are three main components. Servers, Storage and Hypervisors. It is important that successful customers have a good foundation of knowledge within each of these three categories. We continue to see our partners be successful in this area from the true SMB on up through the Enterprise space.

At the boot camp we heard from key manufacturers in this space. Vendors like VMware, Citrix, Cisco and NComputing were in attendance at the show, and helped educate partners on how to be more successful in this space.

We spent a great deal of time talking about desktop virtualization. Regardless of who you talk to, desktop virtualization is the fastest growing segment of the market. While server virtualization holds the bulk of the sales revenue, it is out shadowed by growth potential of the desktop space.

These boot camps also feature hands on demos. This gives our customers a chance to get a look at what the different vendors have to offer. While power points are useful, being able to see the product in action is typically a much more effective learning experience.

The next Virtualization Boot Camp is scheduled for August 11th in Sanata Ana CA, and another to follow in November in Chicago. If you are looking to attend one of these sessions to help grow your virtualization business, please talk to your Ingram Micro Sales Rep.

If you have have other questions as it relates to Virtualization, please contact myself or our Virtualization Help Desk at 1.800.446.5066 Ext. 76237

James Potts
Technology Solutions Engineer


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